Scanning and Digitization

We provide a one-stop solution for Document Management Services with specialization in microfilms, microfiche, maps and paper documents (including wide/large format architectural sizes). We also excel in handling documents with special requirements, such as fragility and/or other condition issues. Our standard practice is to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for all documents to facilitate full-text search and increase the ease and accuracy of the same. We offer both, onsite and offsite digitization services for any size of documents, including maps, blueprints and other large formats up to 40" x 48” with required metadata extraction. We deliver fully searchable, high quality document images either through secure upload, encrypted external hard drive, or by other means per customers' requirements.

Our services mainly include three phases - preparation, scanning, and indexing. Imaging of digital document involves complex and combination of skills, speed, manual attention, precise attention to detail, cleanliness and quality document controls are few of them. Our approach to document imaging and management can help you in:

  • On-demand onsite and offsite scanning and data extraction and indexation
  • Secure storage, retrieval and destruction
  • Paper, Map, Microfilm & Microfiche conversion
  • OCR, ICR and OMR services
  • Document Management
  • Support to Business Process Collaboration