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Digital Transformation goes beyond the “paperless office” and creates a new way of integrating business practices by integrating technologies and processes throughout an enterprise.

GSG has the experience and tools to integrate client business practices with leading technologies to create a Digital Transformation Framework that aligns technology and processes with client goals and mission requirements.

  1. Align: Aligning the transformation with business objectives and internal or external customers.
  2. Establish: We establish clear goals and strategies with our clients to define the success of the transformation.
  3. Architect: Once we have identified the alignment requirements, goals, and strategy, our team architects the technical solution and user experience.
  4. Build: We build the technical solution for our clients based on the architecture.
  5. Measure: We measure user adoption/usage of digital transformation initiatives to ensure we hit the goals to achieve and iterate to deliver an integrated digital workspace.

Legacy Systems Modernization:

We support our clients by modernizing their old systems and software, allowing them to reduce cost, improve agility, increase security, and manage operational efficiencies.
Our Legacy Systems Modernization Services include:

Cloud Migration
We work with clients to modernize their framework and migrate data, applications, or other business elements to a cloud-based environment. Migrations can be as simple as transferring data and applications to a public cloud, or as complex as full Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models, where the provider provides the storage, network, servers, and virtualization.

External API Integration
Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are employed to increase efficiency in both internal and customer-facing applications.

Microservice Architecture.
Our team utilizes microservice architecture to lay the foundation for Digital Transformation. Microservices characterize specific tasks and have a decentralized API and data – often using distributed technology across all computers running an app. These architectures are easy to deploy and manage and are technologically agnostic. Using this facilitates a new culture shift that leads to close collaboration between developers and operations. The focused team handles the Microservice end-to-end.

SaaS Implementation
SaaS or Software as a Service implementation is how enterprises enable a SaaS offering in a cloud computing environment. For simple SaaS enablement, it can be a self-service provisioning system available via public clouds. We have implemented various SaaS solutions for our clients that includes Salesforce CRM.

Process Automation
GSG will work with you to identify and implement automation tools optimized for the requirements of each department to maximize operational efficiency.

Application Inventory Assessments
GSG will inventory existing enterprise-level applications and their licenses, identify any redundant functions, and permits to streamline the management of software resources.

Technical Advisory Services
Technology Advisory Services is a compelling “client-side” solution set based on the details of highly skilled, independent, and professional advice underpinned by global knowledge networks and subject matter experts. We support our clients by helping them use Information Technology (IT) to achieve their business objectives. It is a “client-side” service, based on furnishing independent professional advice, typically to a CIO or the IT team

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