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GSG Salesforce team has significant experience and expertise in the areas of


  • Salesforce Outsourcing
  • Custom Development
  • Managed Services
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Salesforce DevOps Services
  • AppExchange Development
  • Salesforce Org Assessments and Implementation


GSG Salesforce team has a collective experience of more than 50+ years, specifically with the Salesforce platform and various active Salesforce certifications. Also, our team provides customization and enhancement of the existing Salesforce platform, assists with various development and administration services, Workflow optimization, Report creation and customization, Dashboard creation and customization, Process automation, Integration into 3rd party systems (i.e., Office 365, Power BI), provide system enhancement options including pros and cons with cost estimates, Recommend security and access control improvements, Describe systems maintenance need, Review disaster recovery configuration, Propose implementation plans as needed, Plan, organize and deliver comprehensive training on any new Salesforce enhancements and customized reporting for maximization of the new system features.

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