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Position: Help Desk Technician
Agency: City of Taylor, Michigan
Period of performance: 5 years
Location: Remote: Onsite, City of Taylor, Michigan
Required Qualifications: more than 7 years of experience in IT Help Desk Support Services with similar government clients.

Job Description:
Provide 24×7 help desk support as required for critical and high priority items and to meet established SLAs.
All problem calls are routed through the level 1 help desk provided by the managed service provider. Level 1
help desk resources will be responsible for:
 Opening problem call ticket
 Obtaining problem description
 Determining business impact
 Gathering contact information
 Validating problem and performing initial triage and setting of Severity Level
 Problem resolution and ticket closure (if possible)
 Routing of ticket to next level help desk as appropriate
Level 2
Level 2 help desk resources are responsible for:
 Clarifying/validating problem description
 Determining business impact
 Gathering contact information
 Resolving reported problem based on problem resolution documentation. Generally, problems resolved
by level 2 help desk include common problems or recurring problems (e.g., “how to” questions, printer
problems, communication or documented workaround procedures).
 Closing resolved tickets as applicable
 Routing ticket to next level help desk for problems in which documentation does not exist, new or
previously unknown problem is reported, or a technical/coding problem exists.
Level 3
Level 3 help desk resources are responsible for:
 Resolving requests and closing resolved tickets for which help desk documentation does not exist.
 Coordinating problem resolution with appropriate IT staff or third-party vendor support services.

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