USDA, Forest Services

‘Thanks for providing us with a quality worker to meet the reception and area needs.’

Department of the Air Force, 460 HCOS/Medical Information Systems NCOIC

‘During my time in System’s, GSG staff has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Within the last few months, he fixed a faulty switch, completed the 460th MDG Authorization to Operate (ATO), and assisted the System’s office in winning the trusted care hero of the month.

On 8 Feb 23. We were notified by the 460th dental clinic that their network was down. As a result, Dental had to cancel patients ultimately causing a hindrance to patient care. GSG staff was able to coordinate a switch replacement and restored all services within 24hrs. Moreover, while GSG staff was working on the ATO, there were numerous obstacles and last-minute taskers that he had to tackle. He met all deadlines to each obstacle and even assisting in other areas of his contract. GSG staff went above and beyond when finalizing this 2yr task. The completion of the ATO resulted in a huge congratulations from the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to GSG staff with a fantastic job well done! As you know, according to GSG staff’s contract, he does Network Support, Information security, and Help Desk Support. He flawlessly managed all aspects of his Performance work statement without any complaints or errors. The effort that GSG staff has put in to his job has increased productivity and teamwork effectiveness. Since we are not allowed to provide any sort of award or compensation, we would like to recommend acknowledgement of some kind. Thank you for your time and business’

Nellis AFB, the Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center

‘GSG staff has worked to make the birth registration as easy as possible for the new parents, especially during the COVID pandemic. She schedules patients to have them meet her at the flagpole, so they are able to complete the necessary paperwork without ever leaving their car. The focus on making the best experience possible is evident and much appreciated.’

Nellis AFB, the Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center

‘I wanted to pass along my sincere appreciation for GSG staff and how she has become a very valued member of the team. She has been instrumental in getting the Inpatient Records section caught up on our consultation backlog, dating all the way back to 2017. There were hundreds of consults that had to be corrected for proper records management and documentation, a heavy lift with GSG staff doing the majority of the work. She was highlighted as the flight's "On TOPA the World" (TOPA is the section, TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration) for her efforts and results. GSG staff has epitomized being a team player as she also has assisted with other tasks within Inpatient Records and always there to help as much as she can. GSG staff is an outstanding member of our team and been doing a great job!’

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

‘I wanted to send you commendatory correspondence regarding our Information Receptionist here at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. Despite decreased staffing over the past month and the volume of patient encounters generated through our phone consultations, they are performing very well. It’s teamwork at its best and they remain professional and dedicated to the mission of this facility. Thank you for the support……’

U.S. Naval Hospital in Guam

‘GSG staff is an outstanding member of our team here at NH Guam! I have received multiple “ICE” comments from NH Guam staff on her superb customer service skills!’

U.S. Naval Hospital, Guam

‘Ever since GSG staff joined Billing Office she has demonstrated very strong work ethics, and a lot of dedication to her assigned duties. She is always ready to take on additional assignments as required, and ensures they are completed on time’

United States Attorney’s Office, Northern District of California

‘Document Management Analyst is doing a fantastic job for us and I enjoy the working relationship I have with your company.’

U.S. Department of Agriculture

‘The GSG team was always ready to provide advice and expert knowledge for other Cybersecurity related issues outside the scope of this contract. Throughout the duration of this contract, other USDA Agencies reached out to GSG for their insight and GSG was always ready to assist.’

U. S. AbilityOne Commission

‘Thank you so much GSG team. GSG staff did an outstanding job with our FISMA Auditing Services, and I look forward to working with your staff in the future.’